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Apex Legends DID YOU KNOW? – All Gun Damage (Which Guns are the Best)

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  1. 1.4 MILLION subscribers mad 2 weeks ago 55 comments less than 15.k views . Came here to ask for pics of the guns, but daaaaam those stats what happened here?

  2. He shows one clip of him playing apex and it happens to be him playing toxic by kill him self so he doesn’t get the kill ??

  3. Ive dropped blue armor wit the Re 45 no prob mybe they should upload one with attachments ??

  4. I looked at that list and in confused me a little so thanks for the clarification.

  5. Your subs fake bro? 1.4M but less than 10k views in five days

  6. This is all wrong information

  7. wraith lowkey looks like speed o sound sonic from one punch

  8. When ur channel is dying….

  9. Frfr you fell off ???

  10. Wtf happened to red dead

  11. can't even read the stats right… fkin loser
    spitfire has low RPM and it is slow as fk at shooting, stat isn't wrong, so how the fk u said that the fire rate is high boggles my mind

  12. Why some weapins are golden(Im not talkin about mastiff and kraber)


  14. I got a 19 kill game with my friend and I used the wingman that gun is epic.

  15. Thank u this helped alot

  16. Did anyone get the wraith knife?

  17. From gta to Apex

  18. DSF jumping on the bandwagon by showing us someone else’s work. You’re not known as a looter shooter player so why show us this?

  19. That's good saint

  20. Eva Is good too…at normal shotgun fighting range it's doing ~40 but it's fully auto so…I love it

  21. So you are now Apex Legends YouTuber?

  22. I hate how he makes the g2a4 2.0 sound bad. Wheres my titanfall veterans at?

  23. This scale doesn't show dps

    Edit: it does, he just cut it out for some reason

  24. Wtf was that at the start?

  25. You gotta play with garret and Mr boss like in the past in gta online racing

  26. Wingman is sick

  27. Boi your fov so low

  28. The 'Did You Know' titles make me LOL… As we All know what we will be expecting to hear .. LOL

  29. I use hemlok and wingman

  30. Do some apex gameplay

  31. Love that you are uploading apex videos! Its an amazing game

  32. First
    Can i get A heart

  33. Apex Legends DID YOU KNOW? – All Gun Damage (Which Guns are the Best)

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