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Apex legends news! Over 355k hackers have been banned! Flamethrower and remote turret weapon leaks! Report function coming soon and lots more Apex Legends news! The Apex Legends Reddit Respawn Check In is…

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  1. This is full of trash cheaters with level 1 and 200 kills WTF in hell is that. Trash Chinese do something better than playing games and cooking in Chinese restaurants

  2. They actually says bot928728398277 again and again

  3. To fix bots just ban people who leave game to many times. And just increase time every time they do it and eventually permanent ban

  4. Reconnect should work like if you disconnect your loot drops with with banner your team (who are still in game ) picks it up , they go to respawn n get you , should have a like 2-4 mins to reconnect . After the 2-4 mins is up your banner goes meaning your team crnt rez.

  5. yeah. all the said topics aside, just want to point out, 9:47. that made me irk a bit.

  6. They are not banned for real lmao it’s call hwid spoofer if they want they came back next day

  7. pubg was filled with the spam link shit from asia and to be suprised EUROS CHEAT JUST AS MUCH AS CHINESE

  8. I crash all the time with friends. so annoying

  9. They should have already had a report system set up, using only an anti-cheat program just doesn't work well enough.

  10. fucking block off china. I hate those goddamn cheaters.

  11. 9:33 why didn’t he pick up the armor?

  12. if you're from asia avoid this server
    hong kong, singapore, taiwan and also japan if you don't know how to change server this is how you do it before you click the continue wait for 1 minute and press ESC
    DATA CENTER will pop up below the continue logo and pick other server this is the best way to avoid cheaters as of now but the problem is if you don't have a decent internet connection you will experience lag specially if you're going to connect outside asia.

  13. u not zooming 2x on the distant enemy on 1-2x zoom scope is triggering me 🙁

  14. I don’t play apex as much because I don’t have teammates to play with. I’m not bad at the game it’s more the opposite and I can’t find any good teammates and playing with randoms just pisses me off because most randoms you meet suck ass. So I’m kinda waiting for solos and duo’s

  15. 6:20 Don't loot your teamates body!! Gross

  16. There are still hackers in ps4. Tons of them!! Can't imagine PC

  17. they way anti-cheat works nowadays is by flagging the player.. once you are using 3rd party programs that targeted spesifically the game you get flagged.. there are various program providing information such as fps, heat etc but it attach on layer not the .exe.. I was implamanting this anti-cheat in my private server survival game, the way cheater behavior become variabel that calculated just like no-recoil, time spend on spesific pixel on head model, movement speed on ground etc. I know the dev will ban the cheater thats why I'm so patient about it..

  18. Hey bro great content, keep up the quality content if you wanna grow your following

  19. A simple fix is to make a tier ladder. Cheaters will end up with all the professionals and those are the guys streaming most the time and can easily get cheaters banned. The game needs this period as the balancing is non-existent currently.

  20. I did.. Bloody hell! Spam!

  21. Script kiddies is the word for them. Also, they should just add a leave penalty.

  22. first of all that was sooo cringe at 9:30

  23. What if hacker's using hacks can't be detected from Apex program???

  24. Downgrade your Nvidia graphics driver to 417.xx to solve the crashing problem. Till now Hackers are still in the game.

  25. They need ban hardwareID and Gpu ID and more things

  26. Plus those are not hackers they are cheaters
    Talk to much about Asian last waring Ill loot your Bank Account Bitch

  27. Chinese cheaters ruin everything mostly in the Asia server. And most of them will Ching-Chong at you when you paired up with them using Cheats. Man, I do hope they'll be able to fix this.

  28. For reconnect, they should have it so you still drop your box and, to reconnect, your team would have to take you to a respawn beacon.

  29. hongkong server games have only around 30 players playing, the other 30 are bots spamming QQ contact details for the cheats. The remaining 30 people, there's bound to be 1 cheating guy.
    Trying not to be racist but these chinese folks need to find a better way to earn money, the cheaters… they need to gitgud

  30. I'm using Ryzen 5 2600 , and Rx 580 8gb until today I never had one crash….

  31. crashing on my high end pc is an issue too

  32. 6:07 Just gonna steal your boys stuff like that?

  33. Spend 20 min to get lv3 gear and get killed buy a cheater who lands full clip on the head

  34. Just got killed by a speed hack cheaters, and headshots

  35. Thx for the vid, after 2 hours and no kill, but being killed a….. lot of times. in anger i stopped. this was helpful. i will go to Division2.. there anti hack supposedly works beter than in division1. And untill i hear it is solved I will not play this retarded game

  36. How I can spot a hacker when I dot have a kill cam?

  37. On ps4 and Xbox they r using strike pack on the controllers a lot of aim abuse look it up

  38. Again DO NOT CALL THEM HACKERS.. they are cheaters that patch off google

  39. I was trying so hard for my first win yesterday. We had a full squad and there were just 3 squads left. I finally felt like we had it and my game crashed. It's happened before but that one hurt the most.

  40. why are there so many aimBOTS in the game? its not fun anymore!

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