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The L-Star EMG machine gun is coming soon to Apex Legends! But when exactly? Today with this new leak, I think I have the answer!

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  1. I main blood hound and have only ever bought skins for him so this would really help me, thanks man

  2. L-star wass a big meme in titanfall

  3. Deym that gun looks lit!

  4. Legend tokens need to be for something other than legends otherwise theyre going to be useless unless they release legends frequently

  5. Doesn't need to be date minded it's on the fucking loading screen

  6. Oh man the gun looks so sick


  8. Everyone who read this…

    I wish you a great day and good luck in your next Apex round 😉

  9. Can I please be entered into the giveaway ive done everything and watch all of you're videos

  10. The value next to the name is the value of the variable lol, it has nothing to do with the release date.

  11. I would love the giveaway my card broke

  12. i hope its not op

  13. I remember this weapon from titanfall

  14. It's love to see this gun in the game

  15. Boiii i found my new favorite weapon

  16. Yo need those coins, would like that heirlome for wraith

  17. Great vid. Hope to win the giveaway

  18. Apex is a great game! Your channel too

  19. I bet they got a whole bunch of stuff just to slowly release bit by bit

  20. I need coins bro!

  21. thanos is here
    like jesus

  22. We Need smart Pistole in Apex kappa

  23. Hell yeee l star

  24. Hope you get to 1 million subs

  25. This gun looks mint

  26. I hope they add more guns

  27. I can't wait for new content for Apex!

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