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A Fully Kitted Spitfire (Legendary Barrel) and Eva-8 Combo Is Absolutely DEVASTATING In Apex Legends! I’ve honestly never carried harder in this game, and gotten out of crazier situations! I hope you all enjoy. This one shows how nuts Octane can be when used to his potential! I honestly think you’ll LOVE this one. Hit me up with a comment down below! If you found this valuable, leave a like to support the video! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! | Twitter:…

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  1. Happy Easter Everybody, Good Vibes on this Sunday! This was while I was streaming, and chilling with chat! If you want to catch the next one, follow on and turn on notifications!

  2. I make apex videos who ever wants to play with me add me im as amateos_127 and if u want to subscribe or record with me im up im a level 71

  3. just subscribed!!! I watch ur vids all the time ur more entertaining then the other YouTube's. don't know why I dint subscribe earlier lol

  4. This was a really good round

  5. Aw your adorable

  6. I am saying this as a person who genuinely loves your videos. Please make different content because apex is dying and I don’t want to see you go down with it. People like to bandwagon a lot and half you viewers will probably not watch your videos 3 months from now if apex keeps dying. For the sake of your channel please mix in other content so your not dependent on 1 game.

  7. Do you play on ps4

  8. @9:11 Why didn't you ping the purple shield for your teammate?!

  9. Is getting maybe over 600 dmg while your teammates have 12 and 0 dmg a carry even tho u lost?

  10. Peacekeeper+Wingman
    If I drop and see a Mozambique first thing….ima pick it up bc it does half the enemies health up close if they have no shield,why do y’all hate it?

  11. Love those matches where somehow I come out at the end looking like a hero with kills, revives, respawns, etc. Nice job!

  12. I love beartooth man. Sick band

  13. When they finished the third squad and Bangalore died and he was busy looting around 8:50 who else was legit saying to themselves “Go revive your teammate” at the nearest respawn so they can get looted meanwhile he was running in and out of the circle ?

  14. Looks like this guy aim bots…. at 6:18 its as if hes fighting his aim bot to stay on lifeline but it keeps snapping onto octane for a couple hits….

  15. You know man, you might not have to carry that much if you show up to fights in time and ping them purple armor

  16. That was so satisfying to watch, straight clutchness legitness

  17. wow, best carry ive ever seen yet in apex legends
    you are a legend at apex legends

  18. How many slots do you use for each type of grenade

  19. Where da heck is paladins raynday

  20. You are Beast Mode bro, but you and I both know that there is only one real octane, and that is ME!!! ; )

  21. We're stoked to play together on Friday!!

  22. You have is just clickbait

  23. You play paladins still

  24. It's funny how ppl talk shit about how he plays n how he manages his inventory. Smh lol stfu… apex police in here. Everyone plays differently n wtvr works for that person then let them be.

  25. Today I ran into a squad and they took down two of my team mates while they were sniping a squad. I knocked one of them, tried to revive one of my team mates ( I play Lifeline) but the other one rushed so I knocked him. I thought they were done so I went for the revive again, then another lifeline rushes me instead of reviving their team mate. They run into my shield as soon as I'm done reviving and I peacekeeper them in the face one shot!

  26. Couldn't help but notice the reloading syndrome.
    fires one bullet from spitfire with level 3 extended mag
    reloads immediately ?

  27. You do know that if you jump while using Octane's jumpad you'll get almost double the height which would easily get you to the top of repulsor to get those guys up there.

  28. That Bloodhound was a survivor.

  29. I would hate playing with this douche! His looting while his teammate is down and fighting a squad and he doesn’t ping a better body shield for teammates.

  30. @1.57 your drink looks nice?

  31. all i do is play pathfinder, sit in a tree in the "bridges", let my teammates die and get 0 kills (like 250 damage but 0 kills) and then i die cuz some bangalore spotted me idk how

  32. This guy isn't white? Totally the whitest voice ever lol

  33. I always use this combo it's so toxic

  34. man you're going to hurt your neck if you get so close to the screen whenever you're under pressure xD

  35. Have great gun skill and movement but poor looting habits

  36. What are you doing with Beartooth?!? I freaking love Beartooth and also am a big fan of the channel. That's an amazing crossover xD

  37. This guy is severely mentally stable, points to dellor rage comps

  38. you don't ping shit

  39. reviving in the storm headass

  40. lesson learned: loot first, ignore down teammate

  41. Good video u should do more gameplays. Eva is so good. U a beast brother

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