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Been playing a lot of pathfinder the last day to learn. Going to be trying each legend a little bit to see what they’re capable of.

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  1. Wait! Didi I watch that?

  2. Wraiths shift is so shit compared to TF2’s you can fully see a path of where she’s going while in TF2 it’s only a small particle effect

  3. Even though mirage is my main, pathfinder is my favourite legend because of his joyful and happy attitude. But I never use him so…

  4. I really love your videos! From all Apex players i have seen around the net, your videos are the most enjoyable! And you seem like a good person wich makes it even better! Keep it up, would love to play with you one day

  5. Wait is that me?

  6. You and Pathfinder are both the gods of Self-Confidence.

  7. Dude! I LOVE Pathfinder ??

  8. Did not know aculite name was conor… cool

  9. Its hilarious seeing you on a zipline and throwing a grenade you can see bother hands in front of you but still going along the zipline

  10. Play titinfall2

  11. Pilots are better

  12. Wait… am I down???

  13. Its a pantsfinder

  14. You probably know this by now, but his zipline breaks if you jump too early. Also breaks if the start/end poles clip into a surface like a doorway. It got me killed trying to escape buildings like 4 times before I realized what was wrong, it really needs to set up faster.

  15. although I love your content, for some reason the fact that you don't put away your gun when you run triggers me.

  16. “Connor made an oopsie”

    That is a phrase I hear a lot?

  17. nice macro for no recoil
    in 6:36 u can see there is no recoil on that huge magazine burst, 25 bullets shotted in a row and there is cero recoil.

  18. Wait …, AM I DOWN ?! ??

  19. This guy Pathfinder is godtier

  20. This dude sounds like Jim from the Office and it’s awesome

  21. If you keep this up, this game will blow up your channel

  22. Loaderbot from borderlans tell tale games anyone?

  23. I ❤ my Chappie Johnny 5

  24. Lmao so he got 12 kills but only did 1,162 damage. Tom was right he actually did less damage to enemies then what is required to get 12 kills.

  25. 7:33 what about the 6-4

  26. There needs to be a battle royale 100 players but also creatures to worry about

  27. Mate your aim is insane, honestly… love your content, keep it up 🙂

  28. I am telling you man. You're squad is hilarious

  29. How did u know he was there at 1:28

  30. Why are PC players constantly spazzing around when looting?

  31. Aculite wheres ma boy Ryan at?

  32. Love the way anyone can win this game. No building no vehicles just 40% Luck 60% stick skill.

  33. apex victory with Mozambique only ??

  34. Finally people are giving my boy pathfinder some love

  35. Make more gun videos of apex legend

  36. ive never seen anyone so bad at placing a zipline lmao

  37. Anyone here agree his grapple needs buffed in range

  38. havnt been here in a while, but i love the new intro!

  39. Best battle royale replacement thus far. Keep the Apex videos comin, Aculite!

  40. Would you be able to post a screenshot of your keybinds? I’m just getting into this game on PC and I’m finding the keybinds a bit wonky

  41. I’ve rappelled someone before. It pulls you toward them though, not them towards you

  42. Pathfinder is easy…. I main it… cuz I can’t do HARD

  43. 4:55 Goddamn that was a play and a half

  44. Pathfinder main!

  45. Pathfinder mains assemble!

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