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Apex Legends


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  1. Thumbnail showed sniper scope + stock

  2. He should have just grappled the zipline lol

  3. The inexistant gun recoil on PC makes wanna puke sometimes

  4. Stop using aim lock bro not cool

  5. he's good at shooting; pinpoint accuracy. but he's just not a good team player. need better callouts. hold less ammo. more meds and nades.

  6. 7:20 there is a lvl 2 back pack didnt even pick it up

  7. Coming from the guy who didnt ping when he drop his purple vest for another but ok

  8. These pros make me Triggered looting lmfaooo dude has a lvl1 backpack than goes past an lvl 2 back pack drop the purple armor has 2 full battery shield and drop the purple shield should’ve healed up and stayed with the purp armor tfff

  9. Lmfao you can’t even put the turbo charger on the thumbnail lmfaooo

  10. Just came in to add another comment: the devotion isn't a sniper, its an LMG. It can't equip sniper stocks or 4-8x scopes, and the turbocharger has the symbol on it that means you dont need it (symbol on any item on a death box if you have something same/better for your weapons). You're lucky Im not reporting you for a misleading thumbnail.

  11. Que maleta jugando con una sensibilidad que no maneja solo corre a lo loco?????????????

  12. Hemlok is a burst weapon?

  13. Doesn't ping purple armor

  14. Nice OPINION you have that shroud is the greatest devosion player xD but last time I played against him, it was close corders peackeeper vs r99, got rekt by me xD

  15. Hahahahahaa best player? I've killed twice as many players with that weapon, you're ridiculous

  16. Best player in the world nice joke

  17. 1:25 i actually thought it was automatic but shroud was just clicking super fast??

  18. This is how many wins he


  19. this guy STOLE his content THEN made MONEY thats rightfully Shrouds….not cool

  20. i will never play that game bt i love it, u are like me favourite actor in VR … its epic how u play apex.

  21. Naaaa this is not the best :/

  22. Maybe best at getting downed and eating junk food but that's all I seen

  23. First off you don't need to be skilled to kill people with the devotion. Literally hold down on the sights there dead.

  24. Whoever made the thumbnail has clearly never played a match of apex in his life

  25. I was in this game lol I played with him

  26. I want to see his team mates's cam', cuz they were better

  27. Ctfu shroud did shit this game

  28. Am I the only one hearing “I know where the fuck I am.” In the beginning ??……nope just me okay

  29. Am I the only one hearing “I know where the fuck I am.” In the beginning ??……nope just me okay

  30. Cant believe we let this go dead

  31. I got really salty when he took the blue body armor over the purple?

  32. The Devotion is one of the easiest weapons to use in the game just aim and shoot

  33. This nigga trash bruh lol dropped 3 times lol… there's alot players on YouTube that would spank his ass… only making this statement cuz the title "best in the world".. alot of players out there make any good look goos

  34. I rly don’t get the point of strafing 1ft while looting death boxes like its gonna make much of a diff.?‍♂️ God or tryhard techniques? KBM user verification? I guess when the first 4 players started it, it became rule now everybody’s strafing.??‍♂️..Triple take center left and right (sarcasm). Good gameplay though good stuff

  35. I hope you know vibrating isnt going to help at all when your looting.

  36. 4×8 scope on a devotion?hacker?

    death reselt xD

  38. This is sum of the worst click bait thumbnail I'VE EVER SEEN LOL

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