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  1. It's pronounced CRABer

  2. for you next you choose i use setup

    Primary: M4A1

    Optics: TA33 ACOG


    UnderBarrel: FOLDING GRIP


    Secondary: TEC-9

    Optics: KOBRA SIGHT

    Barrel: OSPREY Suppressor

    Other: GREEN LASER

    Melee: Chosen One


  3. Do more pet some good gameplay 😀

  4. aight look at your pf views and this games views

  5. Game reminds me of cod

  6. AL is so more entertaining than Roblox now! Keep it up… This is my last week on PF myself… For a long time… I'm done!

  7. any1 else get that weird playback thing where the video just dies and u have to reload the page? (on google chrome)
    well I found a way to fix it 😀
    1 switch to Microsoft edge or any other browser u have lying around
    (if the playback thing happens on ms edge then go back 10 seconds in the video it worked for me)

  8. I started geeking apex legends after seeing ur vids i was a pf sub but started liking this

  9. why are people being and a dick. So they stopped watching petrify tv due to the fact he does not play phantom forces constantly . WOW this world is very strange why dont we all work together to support pet

  10. Pet how much fps to run this Apex Legends

  11. Well, there u go boiis. The intro was fake

  12. this looks like a really fast pace game… Thanks to you, I might try it. Thank you. Btw keep posting content you enjoy.

  13. hey pet love ur channel. I join a lot of your live streams. Hope to have another one tomorrow

  14. The pet is insane

  15. I recognized some of the guns from Titanfall 2 by any chance is this made by reaspawn

  16. This should get more views. Good vid as always <3

  17. Glad too see you pushing out content you enjoy!

  18. Phantom forces

  19. wow had to put the last part in -_-

  20. OMG THAT COLLA- oh nevermind

  21. How u gonna put wraith gameplay in the title and play with lifeline.

  22. Pet what pc do u use

  23. Apex is better than fortnite change my mind

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