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Dizzy, Best Wraith, 5600+ Kills in Apex Legends Highlights

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Ending Song: HYDDE MOONZz – Anything You Want

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  1. Don’t get me wrong these are all amazing plays but they don’t make him the best wraith, not in a single one he used one of her abilities, he could make those kills with every character, just saying ??‍♂️

  2. Anything PC is fraud.

  3. Sick wingman montage

  4. What’s your sensitivity on…?

  5. Just because he gets kills with guns doesn't mean he's a good wraith I could do that with bloodhound or mirage

  6. Bruh nice wingman gameplay but use your abilities “Best Wraith” doesn’t seem like you even use the abilities lol

  7. All I need is red dot on my r-301 and heads will roll

  8. Aimbot has entered the chat

  9. nice video! liked and subbed. can u do the same? i just started posting highlights too! Have a great day!

  10. no life at its best

  11. where do i disable the recoil on my weapons?

  12. i have seen that first clip 5600+ times 🙂

  13. His aim scares me

  14. Starts to get boring when every vid you see of him hes using exact same wep lol great player tho.

  15. Is dizzy 1 of those guys whose good but boring as hell

  16. This, my friends is what no life looks like

  17. Can anyone check out my new yt vid and give feedback, if not have a great day ?

  18. Someone gotta tell me his vid settings

  19. 6100 + kills now.

  20. Shroud fanboys incoming

  21. we can go to dizzys channel to watch highlights so why not discover new players

  22. Can you do lots of unknown streamers one by one??

  23. Uhm wtf? I'm 1:30 into this video and I haven't seen him using any of wraiths abilities wtf

  24. DUDE PLS, make us discover other players

  25. Honestly dizzy is insane and I look up to him as a wraith player

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