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Diegosaurs Explains Types Of Cheats – Apex Legends Highlights

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  1. if you guys want the same cheats. Silent aim, to cover up the aimbot XD XD XD

  2. Why does Zipp host the biggest cheater in apex?

  3. 6:59 he used macro on mouse software… the r99 have a lot of up recoil and he don't move the mouse down

  4. the type of cheat he use is silent aim with low fov, and legit config

  5. Is Diego Mexican?

  6. How I got killed by a cheater?

    > Early game, got my self a purple shield n alternator
    > found a pathfinder
    > grapple punched me once n shot once with a wingman
    > I immediately dies. Not even a knockdown.
    > Asia server is fucking bad.

  7. I’m pretty sure usb is aim bot and wall hack

  8. Some cheats straight bad and can legit outshoot them but stuff like Aimlords is strong af. EA needs to step up anticheats.

  9. Ur a aimboter come on man

  10. 6:45, impressive how his aimbot can see through smoke without digital threat

  11. Diegosaurs Explains Types Of Cheats He Uses – Apex Legends Highlights

  12. You can't cheat on console you stupid kids…

  13. Dizzy >>>>>>diegosaurs

  14. lmao me and my friend killed an aimbotter using seven thermite grenades and caustic

  15. There's been menus on call of duty and stuff for years, God mode, aimbot, unlimited bullets all that crap so I'm assuming there must be menus or something for apex on console somewhere.

  16. Edit at 3:30 is so dope, simple but so clean, the way it speeds up with the swoosh sound, very nice.

  17. well, he knows cuz he used it before

  18. Diego is really smart. Fuck all the haters. The best Apex player imo.

  19. Thirty seconds of talking then playing. Nothing related last 930. Come on

  20. no no u have to buy cheat

  21. @4:18 i thought my phone randomly died

  22. moral of the story

    don't mess with energy guns

  23. What If They Have Like 30 Games Played And Have 500kills On console at level 15 makes sense

  24. I’m 10 I want to grow up to be like him he’s my influence

  25. " its just like macros" like macros isnt cheating.. its because he is using it himself and justifies it.. my god. This generations exceptance for cheating is insane. An "exploit" isnt cheating now" lol macros arent LOL ..they were actually first done for the MMO for all the casting but using it in a FPS to do recoil and other shit, seriously man? THe config files now are a joke. Watch Mendo's video, he gives just a piece of his (why not all of it) and then says some competitions dont let them use some of it so basically , yes, its cheating so then "they" use it in public gaming.. what a joke.

  26. Highest level cheater i faced was max level but EA cheat detection is shit , i've sent a friend request to a cheater and he accepted and he's still playing the game every day and i report him over origin every day and he's still cheating lol .

  27. 3:22 glad to see I'm not the only one noticing that shit. Can't tell you how many times I've been shooting at the small hitbox legends just to have my shots do jack nothing.

  28. I hope everyone knows this dude is the biggest cheater around. DISLIKE THE VIDEO 100% FRAUD.

  29. 3:30 speed hacker exposed

  30. 0:350:40 I can prove him wrong bcz I have watched hacker died to 2 guys in last

  31. Yall complaining about his aim when you aim like a fucking braindead squirrel. It's not hard to aim like this if you have played for years. I have some good aim but make retarded plays. He is just good in both.

  32. Funny a cheater explain hack lol

  33. Only thing he cheated was on chromosomes

  34. lmao I get too many messages on ps4 for “cheating” because I shit on squads solo

  35. Yea, i wonder where he knows….

  36. Will I get banned from his stream for generally saying he's a snowflake? ?

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