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Double Kraber, double the fun. I’ve never seen Todd play this well before.


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  1. One day Todd will get views on his channel

  2. Yknow toddy quest is a small acne filled white man that wears glasses and im perfectly ok with it

  3. If u dont like todd u are gay?

  4. That is NOT Todd he LIKES TO DO finishers!!?

  5. todds voice is so high pitched

  6. We love you Todd! Lmao

  7. When Todd is angry it sound like the hulk??????

  8. I'm the same lev with toddy or gibby

  9. Everyone watches you on mute

  10. This vid with Toddy is nice n all but

    Where’s ToddyQuest

  11. Don't want to be rude but Todd has the most annoying voice on this planet, he sounds like Ricky bervick

  12. i have trouble with Singapore servers though, sometimes when i shoot an enemy, it didn't receive any damage

  13. Todd: “Move Bitch! I’ll kill him”

    *Jumps In To Fight*


    Shit had me hella laughing,

  14. Can you do a road to predator ?

  15. Dont sleep on triple take

  16. Y does todd sound slow?

  17. any word from the friendly guys

  18. Todddddddd yessssssssssss love u

  19. The true waifu is back ??

  20. Todd is the leader of the bunch

  21. Yay todd is back ??????????

  22. For someone who's a path main you sure do hate survey beacons??

  23. P2020/Mozambique with Hammer point only in apex legends

  24. How manny kills do you have

  25. I met a gamer girl that sounds E X A C T L Y like Militia! The way she says “No” is exact! Just listen to how Militia sounds. Also, we are both big fans of Bradleh and strived to become the champions. She wore the orange ToddyKwest skin in Gibby!

  26. Can you show us your kills please

  27. Welcome back to getting good loot and winning games with Zylbrad!

  28. Double Quabba in Apex Legends!?

  29. A new Overwatch game is cumming out

  30. This video had me dead lol

  31. 19:35 Brad’s terrified scream needs to be made into a YTP / general meme audio

  32. Why do you play ded gaems? No srsly though Battle Royale is done let's get off that.

  33. toddy is so cute ?

  34. Do collab with Typho and Kandy

  35. Man I love Todd

  36. Toddy is good here but his channel is dog shit.

  37. 17:16 making Todd’s day. You get a Like and hopefully someone else will subscribe
    As I already am

  38. Zylbrads mom: Honey he said his first words!

    Zylbrads dad: What were they?!!!

    Brad: I am your champion

  39. Zylbrad: There's predators in our loby.
    Todd: Gross

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