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In this video I go over how I process certain scenarios and how I make certain decisions based on different situations in apex legends. There are 4 1v3 clips in the beginning of the video and then I have a full game of a 1v2 game to show exactly what my decisions are in different instances.

After watching this will hopefully help some of you improve your decision making in apex legends season 3 on console. Decision making is huge in making sure that you come out as the champion squad in…

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  1. This is great! I have a habit of letting my teammates choose what to do!

  2. Like the video set up please do more. Even the clips before the full match explaining how to win and your thought process

  3. Is the update live right now?? It's 8:15am for me

  4. The dude that ragequit probably lost 10 more games during the duration of that 14 kill match lmao

  5. I don’t see how it is possible for you to play so godly on xbox

  6. I spent the whole day watching smart playing streamers and when I played l8r I noticed I was playing smarter bc of what I learned from the streamers so it’s really good to watch streamers bc you learn from them.

  7. Top favorite gaming YouTuber?

  8. I love when sometimes i think how to play certain scenarios and you say the same thing that i just think jajajaj The best, Sweeeat

  9. Ngl sultan D just posted this exact same "improve your decision making" video 2 days ago ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  10. Sweat how do I get crazy aim like you

  11. Uploaded 13 sec ago :0

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