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  1. Dude yall are so fuckin emotionless its angering. Yall dont deserve the position you have. So fucking bland you cant even get the slightest bit of excited about a dub. Gimme a fuckin break dude.

  2. I wanted to see jankz stats. 🙁

  3. which server did u play on ranked?

  4. 3:05 was i the only one who realised the wraith was fazing while downed?

  5. Nice song when îs start what the name for the song

  6. Bruh Jonny have some fun man . Every video you sit there and act like you hate life lol

  7. Insane..erm….ok..
    Think u should be saying ur insane

  8. Player console ( planting scarecrow) hehehe

  9. Intro Music :
    Artist: Kina
    Music: U're Mine

  10. I was playing ranked today & you were the champion, GG

  11. G7 looks so OP in your Video. When i use it, i get into a third party and get laserd by a R99

  12. I got octane this season but only have 1500 kills with normal controller

  13. I love your videos so much ?

  14. You don't even play him that much from the looks of it and I can see you making literally over 15 mistakes with basic stem?. So quite complaining and loud? You can barely hear the man half of the time because hes there for one second and gone the next

  15. Yo Johnny lay off my boy Octane on "not good for Ranked". Lmao have 3.7 KD Plat with Oct on ranked season 3 lol he's young god

  16. What were they talking about around 8:309:00 mark?

  17. Which Scuf do you use? Love the channel!

  18. SoaR, your insane what controller do you use?

  19. Janks out here stealing every fkn kill

  20. Do an re45s only match

  21. Played in the same game with him once, as soon as I saw his name, I knew we are F***, as predicted, my my team didn't even last for 5 seconds… He swept us and other team like a freakin tornado

  22. You were in the kill feed of Kobi newest vid you died around 31:03 in his vid
    (Not an insult

  23. The symbols in the top right mean he's having network problems. Just happened to me while trying to download a game on my PC while playing Apex.

  24. Soar how do I try out for the clan

  25. That mirage thing happened to me today too

  26. I love the intro beat

  27. Low key stole Jankz thumbnail

  28. I just wanna say that I love your YouTube picture

  29. Video of your settings please!

  30. He’s using a mouse on console right? Or is he using pc?

  31. What sensitivity do you use?

  32. That's weird jankz sound like soar Kobe

  33. Not bitching just my take on your video to give insight on expanding viewers. I watched because you had Jankz in the title I do not watch you. I had to stop watching at 48 seconds due to your freshly released from prison gangsta lingo… "Dropped a little wit my boy cuz ya had ta let him know what's up…." I understand that is how you speak and it is all fine. If you want to expand your viewer base beyond 12 year old gangsta wanna-bees maybe you should try grown up language closer to more successful youtubers.
    It is unfortunate that I did not watch your gameplay. Being a member of SoaR you are obviously talented. Please do not misunderstand this as some hate rant, rather as my opinion of what it would take to attract different viewers.
    Best of luck to you in all of your endeavors.

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