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We finally have news about the skin glitch that has been annoying everyone for months!

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  1. Yes!! Finally!! Thanks for being the only one to answer this question for me lol

  2. Finally, been waiting for this

  3. cooooool glitch i love your videos love you loot

  4. Apex Legends is better than fortine

  5. Apex Legends is better than fortine

  6. Apex is better than fortine

  7. I really hope they fix the character selection CRASH bug. When someone scrolls over all the characters really fast it causes at least one person to crash nearly every time.

  8. yes i can finally flex my voidwalker skin again

  9. Finally we are getting that fixed in the next update, I've been waiting for this.

  10. Can you make a video about @coca_cola69 xd statics say he has 2,1million kilss that not possible , hacker of the year 😂

  11. so lame ya and sad

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