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Thanks for watching! In this video I cover an Apex Legends Map Update that went unnoticed by most as well as Season 5 teases! SUBSCRIBE to join the squad …

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  1. More variety? Where the fuck is the launch version of kings canyon??

  2. Madala effect with the doors

  3. What if I don’t want to like and follow

  4. Bruh ask for 15k likes

  5. Season 4 next dumbass 😂😂😂

  6. They removed those doors in the new update… weird.

  7. I don't know if anyone else noticed this as well but hydro damn wasn't the only place they added more doors in. They also added doors in the middle of the hallways in the buildings at the small town outside bunker in-between bunker and airbase

  8. In shadowfall i think i was hidding there once, and there weren't any doors there. If it was added there, it was later in event. Please, i want underground labs under entire Kings Canyon 😀

  9. Wasn't there something back in season 2 when the random door showed up between the repulsor and hydro dam? Then I remember something about people hearing noises coming from those pipes laying in the swamps area too.



  10. is ranked set to Kings Canyon after dark? Hows he getting this footage? Loved the map at night time

  11. i never played kings canyon before but in the rotating map mode there is a locked door in the labs place that can be broken down and there is an audio tape of wraith that you can play.

  12. Did you just say tiktok?………am out

  13. Who else saw this but brushed it of the doors

  14. I probably sound like a noob but what is a shadow? (In the game, obviously)

  15. Bro put your Fov up to 110 plz

  16. Video actually starts at 1:00, past the whatever that start was.

  17. In labs there’s a secret door in the left side of the hallway that you have to kick down because a file cabinet got knocked over and there’s a little keyboard thing and it’s wraiths voice talking

  18. or it could could lead to worlds egde so you can go to both maps t one match

  19. I’m trying to get into YouTube and I don’t know what editing software to use I’m looking for a cheap (maybe free) and professional and easy software

  20. Chill. Season 4 ain't even done yet 😭

  21. Damn… I thought those doors were new! New subscriber, thanks for the vids!

  22. Have they released the season 5 update time yet?

  23. When is Season 5 my dudes

  24. Honestly I’m getting tired of this game, mainly tied at the the fact that I’m shooting the fuck out of these guys than all of a sudden I die with two shots, than depending on a good team is rare. Ehh

  25. I hope they just make a whole new map tbh

  26. I like how they remove night time kings canyon now. Hmmm maybe something was seen when it wasn’t suppose to

  27. 11k likes 111k subs that’s a lot of 1 s

  28. I don't find it likely that the season 5 map will be a return to a revised kings canyon. Perhaps we will see teasers there, but I dont see respawn taking season 5 BACK to kings canyon. I think dynamic weather in season 5 would be amazing, the world at random being able to shift to foggy, rainy, or clear, etc

  29. Nah nah nah look cross play sounds fun but I don't fuck with pc players

  30. I think they should just make a new map….

  31. How does your theory work now that gamers bitched it out of rotation?

  32. I would love a new map although that might be too much to expect from them, we'll likely get it season 6. A map update to King's Canyon would be phenomenal cause it is not quite balanced and World's Edge is near perfect after its update.

  33. 11k likes.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  34. Theyre removing kings canyon after dark😭

  35. Didn’t they just remove KC after dark from rotation? Suspicious…

  36. Looks like water treatment to me..

  37. 2:00 bro lol any narrow corridor means you're going to win a shadow rushing you. That's why once you had bunker locked down shadows couldn't touch you.

  38. I think it will be west of wetlands where all the scattered loot bins can be found

  39. why would they update a previous map instead of continuing the lore with the current

  40. usefull and by the way ,loba has exagerated body parts like wattson

  41. There's plenty of other buildings with extra doors a night mode. It's weird

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